All Inclusive
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Food and Drink

The hotel restaurant service will allow customers to choose between a complete and varied menu. In his international cuisine with the well-known Mediterranean diet combined. Our warehouse consists of a wide selection of wines from the most renowned areas of our country. In the restaurant you can enjoy watching our chef cooking and preparing our exquisite dishes live.




Beverages Plus

  • Coffee
  • Beer: Cane and Alcohol
  • Fast : Pepsi, and bitter kas
  • Juices: Orange, Pineapple, Peach, Tomato
  • > Chocolate Milk Shake
  • Ron: Bacardy, Negrita y Havana 3
  • Whisky: Ballantines, J&B, Bells, y Dyc
  • Vodzka: Smirnoff
  • Ginegra: Bombay Blanco, Larios y Gordons
  • Coffee Liqueur: Tia Maria
  • Wine: Black and Red (DO Rioja)
  • Brandy y Anises: Veterano, Soberano, Terry, 103, Pacharán, Ponche Caballero, Anís Mono y Castellana
  • Liqueurs: Malibu, Manzanita, peach, Baileys, Whisky Peche, Martini, Café Cerol, Pernod, Ricard y Rua Vieja
  • Cream: Spindle


  • Timetables subject to possible changes.
  • Hours Breakfast: from 08: 00h to 10: 00h
  • Lunch: from 13: 00h to 15: 30h (drinks included)
  • Dinner: from 19: 00h to 21: 30h (drinks included)
  • Drinks included: Rioja Wine, Beer Cane and Alcohol, soft drinks, water, juices


  • Timetables subject to possible changes.
  • Time : from 10: 00h to 24: 00h
  • animation : throughout the day for children and adults (see schedule at reception)
  • For your convenience must present a card per person per consumption

Snack Bar

  • This service will not be available from the 15-11 to the 28-02
  • Schedule Morning: from 10: 30h to 12: 30h
  • Hours Afternoon: from 16: 00h to 18: 30h
  • Night Hours: from 22: 00h to 24: 00h


  • Upon arrival at the hotel your card will surrender all inclusive (ti)
  • For good service, please show your card when ordering drinks. One card per person and consumption
  • Your card is not transferable
  • If you would like to invite someone who is not from the hotel and is not entitled to the services of all-inclusive, must pay the price indicated in rates
  • In case of fraudulent use of your card, the amount will be charged to your room
  • We ask you to finish your drink before ordering another
  • The all inclusive drinks are served at the bar
  • If you lose your all inclusive card, the new one will have a charge of 5 €
  • essential condition: all members reserve a room or have to do the same regime

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