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Hotel Mediterráneo (Benidorm)
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Benidorm Vertical City of Sun and Sea

If what you whant is to relax, Benidorm and the Mediterraneo Hotel is the ideal place. An enclave where the sun shines and lie in a sunbed with a cocktail in your hand is a luxury. An enclave where you have to do nothing more than let us to take care of you and your family.

Benidorm is a city facing the Mediterranean sea that smells of sea and sand. It is open and fun, where five main areas are distinguished city:

part of old town: This area is scattered around the area of the old town and going from the street La Palma Street Doctor Bayonne and the Coast of Barc. There are bars and pubs mainly aimed at locals. The usual closing time is usually about 3 am. Here stand the Manhattan pubs, La Sal, Mars,etc, Ideal to go after tapas in the center

Levante Beach Zone: In the same promenade of the Levante beach are the main clubs of the city as Ku Beach , KM and Penelope.. Usually open until 4 am (summer schedule is stretched a little more). Very convenient to approach after going to zone 9 or the old town

Nine Zone. In Esperanto Street and surroundings are the main pubs that offer Latin music such as salsa and merengue

Zone macro discos and aferhours: This type of premises are all located on Avenida de Valencia. Here they are: KM Disco, Penelope Nightclub, Ilusion. The time when you begin to animate is no sooner than the 2 am and close past dawn. These clubs are well known for the techno and electronic music which tend to click

English Zone. It's a huge nightlife area exclusively dedicated to our English tastes of tourists. Literally being here can seem that you are in the middle of any British city. This area is quite large and begins around our "Hotel Mediterraneo" to the street Mallorca. You can start from noon to taking a few pints late into the night. There are several types of locations:


Benidorm is a city where parties generally take on a special role. Here many festivities are celebrated, from "El Rocio" to the parties Asturias. Why are there so many celebrations? Well, for two main reasons: First, because many of the residents of Benidorm are not originally from here and all are bringing their traditions and enrich our culture. Second, the holidays are a very important for all our visitors attraction.

Note that for us of Benidorm, older Festivities are very important because they are indigenous, they are ours and only ours, which show our spirit and devotion to our Virgin.

The origins of this holiday are the eighteenth century when, after a storm appeared a mysterious boat stranded on the beach without any passengers on board, completely empty. The entire population was scared thinking that the ship had been cast adrift because some crew had caught the plague. Unanimously, they decided to burn the ship to eliminate any source of infection and keep safe the entire population. After burning and after a few days, some children playing in the ashes found an image of the Virgin intact. It was a miracle!

The holidays are celebrated for five days where activities of all kinds and for all tastes


"La Mona". It is a typical Easter bun, is made with flour, eggs, oil, sugar and milk and is topped with a boiled egg in the center. But before eating we must continue the tradition of stamping egg in front of a friend reciting the following verse: "AÇI pica, cou AÇI, AÇI es menjala monai Açi es trnca l’ou." That translated would be "here it itches, here it stings, here I eat the bun and here I break the egg . "